Friday, 22 July 2011

Blood And Oil - (1)

[Hey guys, its been a few days since I opened this blog but i've got a small bit for people to read. Blood and Oil will be set in the far reaches of space in the fantasy world of Warhammer 40k on a planet called Krug. Krug is a small mining planet inhabbited by humans, orks and other unsavery creatures.]

There was a sudden high-pitched squeal from one of the hatches. A short burst of steam quickly followed and a small, portly man bundled out of the now open hatch. He was an elderly man; his forehead gleamed in the bright light of Krug’s twin suns. He wore what appeared to be heavy brown robes and fashioned a poorly crafted mechanical arm. He waddled quickly with the aid of a stick over to a transportable metal container. A man sat at a computer console in the dark room. He spoke as the elderly man entered “alright Half-pint?” The short man who had been referred to as Half-pint snapped at the man in the chair “Close the bloody gates! They’re coming again!” He was out of breath and going red in the face. The man at the console quickly sat bolt upright and started inserting several command into the machine. A low grinding noise came from outside of the metal shed. The giant doors in the rock face started to move, the solid beam of light that shone into the cave soon became a thin beam and then disappeared completely. Half pint stepped out into the light once again and looked to where the gaping hole had been. It was now a solid steel door with the emperor’s aquilla decorating it.

[Cheers for reading, I will try get more posted up soon.]

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